Some of My Highlights

Motion graphics is a big passion of mine, and I hope to continue learning more and developing my skills in that area of interest. Ultimately, I would love to work as a designer within the movie and/or television industry. My goal is to be either a broadcast designer or visual effects artist. Moving to California would be awesome too!
In 2015, I was the winner of two Connecticut Art Directors Club silver awards for my Visions Rise and Bee Awaken projects, as well as two excellence awards for my Little Prince and Alaska Tourism projects.
If I had to choose projects that I’ve had the most fun working on, I’d say they would include the Alaskan tourism brand identity/campaigns I developed, the keepsake kit for Fogo Island, the title sequence for Dead Poets Society, and the kinetic type animation for Louis C.K.’s “Why?”
Fonts: Lora, Roboto Slab, Raleway

Colors: green, dark grey

Designers: Chris Bomley, Massimo Vignelli, Henry Hobson


Movies: 21 Grams, The Revenant, The Departed, Hugo, Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit, Harry Potter

Books: The Alchemist and 11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho

Music: Linkin Park, Metallica, Pink Floyd

I love to collect pottery, hats, and leather bracelets. Hidden talents include clapping with one hand and bending my thumb backwards all the way. When not designing, I love to play hand drums, basketball, and go swimming.

My Skills Ranking

Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe Ilustrator 90%
Adobe InDesign 90%
Adobe Premiere Pro 85%
Adobe After Effects 85%
Adobe Dream Weaver 40%
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